Friday, 13 June 2014

Brazil 3-1 Croatia (Group A - Matchday 1)

Memandangkan demam Piala Dunia terlalu kuat melanda diri, sey ingin mengupas serba sedikit tentang perlawanan pembukaan pagi tadi. In shaa Allah jika diizinkan dan berkeupayaan, setiap perlawanan akan cuba dikupas secara ringkas untuk mengalihkan perhatian diri ini daripada prestasi merudum skuad kesayangan iaitu Nismilan.

Kupasan untuk perlawanan Piala Dunia ini juga akan dikupas dalam bahasa Inggeris untuk memantapkan lagi keupayaan bahasa Inggeris sey sendiri.


Niko Kovac, the Croatian manager vowed to wow the fans with his teams' footballing display and he did just that in my humble opinion. The Croatians came into the match with a game plan. Absorb the Brazilians offense before launching a counter attack of themselves.

I have to say this plan worked perfectly well until Neymar equalized for the host. Even though the Croatians had very little possession in the opening half, but they made it count when they had possession. There are two individuals that I would like to highlight for the Croatian national team.

Ivica Olic
Luka Modric

These two individuals worked their socks off in the game. Trying to catch the five time world champions on the break, Luka played his part exceptionally well. Dictating his team's tempo and releasing his wingers and strikers with perfect timing.

Ivica played a big role in his team goal. The own goal that Marcelo scored was from his initial cross. Although Jelavic did had the slightest touch on the ball, but full credit should be given to Ivica.

Croatia did create enough chances to put them comfortably in the driving seat but could not convert any of those chances that was created. They even had a goal disallowed in the second half. If only Mandzukic was not banned for this World Cup opener.


As the five time world champions, I personally thought that Brazil did not reach their full potential in the match. But I'll give the benefit of the doubt since it was just the opening match.

This young man who would be 23 years old this September played a monumental role in Brazil's victory. He was a constant threat for the Croatian defenders through out the match. His dribbling ability and pace was put out for the world to see (as if we haven't seen enough from him) and at his young age, he's yet to reach his full potential. At least that's my opinion.

His goal, Brazil's third, was pure magic! Dispossessed the defender in middle of the field, ran for 30 yards at full speed with his defenders backing down, toe poked the ball from outside the penalty box to beat Pletikosa at his near post. It was special.


Scored two goals. One from outside of the penalty box with his left foot and the other was with his right from the spot. Was he 'that' good in the match? I personally think he wasn't. Labelled as the man who would carry Brazil to win the World Cup, I personally think his contribution was not enough.

He did scored two, yes I do admit it. I just thought that he miss kicked his first goal. His second goal was from a controversial decision by the referee. Was it really a penalty? If u asked me, I'd say no.

He still needs to prove more in this World Cup for him to carry his nation to the 6th championship. At least that's my opinion.

Don't get me wrong. He is one heck of a player, but I just don't think he influenced the match that much despite scoring a brace.

Nonetheless, Brazil did get what they needed in the opener. The interesting part is to see whether Niko Kovac will change his approach and style of play in Croatia's next game since they lost. 

The question for Kovac is, "is it worth it to risk 4 years of preparation to play attractive football or to get the result needed by playing a more conservative style?"

P/S : Nismilan lawan JDT II di STAR, Paroi. Tapi sey boikot tak maun poie stadium laie dah musim ni. Dah cukup dah patah hati untuk musim ni. Kalau nak patah kan laie hati sey, tunggu musim dopan. Walau apo pun, sey totap doakan yang terbaik untuk Nismilan!




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